Our mission

Our Mission

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The Domestic Violence Resource Center (DVRC) is a non-profit program that provides comprehensive intervention services to victims of domestic violence in Alexander County. Our services include: Court advocacy, victim support consultations, a 24 hour intimate partner/domestic violence crisis line, support groups, and emergency food, clothing, and financial assistance. The DVRC provides educational programs on the prevention of violence against men, women, families, and children. DVRC also strives to encourage inter-agency coordination of community services for victims of domestic violence.

We believe providing educational programs for our young people in the community will make our future brighter and may bring about a home…a day….without violence.

Find out more about ERASING HISTORY to stay safe.

Our Service To You

All Services provided by the specialized trained volunteers of the Domestic Violence Resource Center are available to the community and clients free of charge and are confidential.

Support & Volunteer Services Include:

  • 24-hour Crisis Counseling
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Court Advocacy
  • Hospital Accompaniment
  • Information and Referral
    • Legal Aid
    • Safe Shelter
  • Support Groups
  • Rape and Sexual Assault Program
  • Advocacy
  • Administrative/Special Projects
  • Public Awareness Programs
  • Fund Raising Activities

Community Education Includes:

  • Youth Education Services
  • Community Presentations
  • Displays
  • Professional Training
Cycle of Violence
Incident Any type of abuse that occurs – emotional, physical, sexual, economic
Reconciliation Abuser apologizes for abuse
Promises it will never happen again
Blames victim for provoking abuse
Denies abuse took place
Gift giving by the abuser
Calm The incident is forgotten
No abuse is taking place
Some promises made during reconciliation are being met
Hope of the part of the victim that the abuse is over
Tension Building Tension starts to build
Minor incidents begin
Breakdown of communication
The victim feels the need to give in to the abuser
The tension becomes unbearable
Incident Cycle of abuse begins again
The cycle can happen hundreds of times in an abusive relationship. Each stage lasts a different amount of time, with the total cycle taking from a few hours to a year or more to complete.
It is important to remember that not all domestic violence relationships fit the cycle. Often, as time goes on, the reconciliation and calm stages may disappear.

Monday thru Friday

10:00am – 5:00 pm

All other hours by appointment only.

For an appointment,

Please call 828-635-8850

The crisis line is open 24 hours a day.


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