DVRC & the community

Our History

 The Domestic Violence Resource Center of Alexander County, Inc. Was able to open a public office on January 03, 2000 with start-up funds for community education from NCDOA.

A Project Director was hired to provide community education. The Project Director Michelle Cole, wrote a Governor’s Crime Commission Grant to implement the beginning of what has become a domestic violence shelter program in Alexander County. A Board of Directors was formed in April of 2000. Board members consist of local business owners and managers, local attorneys and local concerned citizens. The Domestic Violence Resource Center of Alexander County, Inc. Was incorporated on May 23, 2000. Received the 501(c)(3) non-profit status on August 1st 2001. A Federal Employer Identification number and a State Identification number have been issued. During the months of January – October 2000, the Project Director provided community presentations and education as well as direct victim services. In October of 2000 a Victim Advocate/Educator was hired to help provide direct victim services and community education.
In collaboration with the local sexual assault program, a domestic violence- sexual assault prevention task force was implemented in February 2001. The task force consists of members form local victim services programs, probation and parole, district attorney’s office and the local hospital and law enforcement.

On August 1st 2001 Michelle Cole resigned as project coordinator and Ingrid Townsend began in her position. We have since hired a part-time community educator and have recruited new board members and volunteers.
The Domestic Violence Resource Center has become an active member of the community. We became a member of the United Way of Alexander County in June of 2002. Gail Drum is the Executive Director of the United Way and has become a great supporter of this agency.

Over the years, the DVRC has undergone many changes, In November 2012 Shelter Home Of Caldwell County partnered with the DVRC  to provide services to victims in Alexander and Caldwell Counties. 

Helping The Abused & The Abuser

What you can do to help…
Friends or family members who are being abused:

  • Call police if you see/hear the abuse
  • Explain that FREE and CONFIDENTIAL help is available for victims and their children at local domestic violence programs
  • Offer a ride to a local shelter, a place to make a phone call or to babysit while they attend appointments

What you can do to help…
Friends or family members who are abusers:

  • Call police if you see/hear the abuse
  • Tell them there are no excuses for abuse and they may lose their families, friends, homes and jobs if it doesn’t stop
  • Hold them accountable for their behavior
  • Support their efforts to locate and obtain appropriate batterer intervention treatment
Additional Resources

Provided below are additional resources together information on domestic violence.  Please be careful as there may not always be a safety exit once you leave our website. National Domestic Violence Hotline National Coalition
Against Domestic Violence North Carolina Coalition
Against Domestic Violence North Carolina Coalition
Against Sexual Assault
NCVC.ORG Stalking Resource Center of the National Center for Victims of Crime
Anger Management Expert Expert advice on how to manage anger
Be A Voice Arts The Artistic Voice of Michelle Johnson Major,
Domestic Violence Survivor
We Care About the World
Help for women who are victims of DV and are HIV positive
Community Support 

Below are just a few of the ways that you can show your support of the Domestic Violence Resource Center that serves our community. A DVRC volunteer can make such a difference in someone’s life! We need volunteers:

  • Answer the crisis line,
  • Provide peer counseling for adults and children,
  • Provide programs or games for children,
  • Distribute posters,
  • Help with administrative needs and special projects,
  • Assist with public awareness programs,
  • Help with fundraising activities and
  • Perform any number of other worthwhile services/activities.

Donations & Contributions:
The Domestic Violence Resource Center of Alexander County Inc. Is a non-profit organization. All donations to our organization are tax-deductible. Below are some of the ways you can donate to DVRC.

  • Monetary donations,
  • Donations of phone cards,
  • Gift Certificates,
  • Bus Tickets,
  • Used Cell Phones.

There are other ways that you can help:

  • Invite us to speak to your business, club, school or place of worship,
  • Sponsor a family for a holiday meal or holiday gifts,
  • Offer to board pets or livestock while victims are in the safe shelter,
  • Tell a friend about us,
  • Educate your children about healthy relationships.

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