The DVRC web site provides a “Safety Exit” on every page in the event that you may be discovered by your abuser while viewing this website.

Clicking the  LINK, will take you to a website called Alexander County Online which will not only provide you a safety exit page but helpful information about our area.

We think this procedure will arouse less suspicion than simply closing your browser window or shutting off your computer and is less likely to incite an abuser to violence.

Of course, nothing is foolproof and an abuser who is familiar with computers would be able to trace your browsing back to this website.

Our hope is that if there is no immediate evidence on your monitor screen, there will be no cause for suspicion on the abuser’s part and no reason to investigate further.

Please remember to follow the instructions below and erase any evidence of your visit as soon as it’s safe to do so.

About your computer and history of web site visits:
If you bookmark this or any other site about domestic violence, your abuser can find out that you have been getting information on domestic violence.

If you can, clear all cache/history files from your web browser. You may want to access this site from somewhere other than home. See instructions below for eliminating traces to browsing the internet for domestic violence web pages.

Beware of AutoComplete in Internet Explorer:
Some Web site search fields will retain entries you’ve made in the past when AutoComplete is active. This could compromise your online privacy and security. For example, try explaining why “divorce law” pops up as a possible match when your spouse uses HotBot for a search of his/her own.

To turn off this part of AutoComplete, choose “Tools/Internet Options”, then click the Content tab. Click the AutoComplete button in the Personal information section and uncheck the Forms box in the AutoComplete Settings dialog.

About Cookies:
Each time you access websites, “cookies” can be created. Cookies are cryptic bookmarks that a Web site can place on your computer to acknowledge your prior visit, authenticate your access or let you continue on through a site from where you last left off.

They are really no big deal and will not do anything to damage your computer, however, they can leave a trail of evidence of where you have been on the web. If you visit a website on domestic violence and a cookie is created as a result of that visit, your abuser can trace your trail and discover where you’ve been.

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